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*Classroom Safety*

Creative Ways to Enforce Rules

This page will provide a brief overview of some interesting ways to get children to open up to the idea of safety.

*Make A Poster *
When children are active in an activity, they are more enticed to take in more information than if the rules are dictated. Make time for a fun classroom activity where the entre class makes a banner or a poster with their names on it and under their name they each have to write a safety rule. Display the finished work on the wall so they can be reminded everyday of the rules and of the activity.

Rules can help prevent any unwanted accidents

*Have the Children Make up Their Own list of Class Rules*
Have the class reach a point of understanding of what the rules are by having them make them up. Write them all down on the board and then you can create posters as a reminder, or have them create posters. When they make up the rules, they cannot say they are unfair and they cannot object to them, because they are the ones who came up with them to begin with.

Some may find rules annucence, however, without them there would be nothing but chaos.

Pushpin With Memo

*Journal Writing Exercises*
Have the children write a journal entry about what they think the most important rule is. This will allow students to be aware of the most important rule in the classroom and hopefully they will have a better sense of it and remember it throughout the year.
Also have them draw a picture to accompany the journal entry, this will cause their imaginations to come out and the pictures will stay in their minds.

Your School * Any Street * Anytown * US * 01234
It doesn't matter where you are, rules are all around you, for the better.

*Follow the rules, and you'll have a safe classroom*