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*Classroom Safety*

Common Classroom Accidents

On this page we'll provide some examples of common accidents that can occur in a classroom and hopefully be avoided in yours.

Contact us if you have any other examples to add to our site!

*Holding Scissors*
Accidents do happen with scissors, however most are minor! Have the students learn the correct way to hold scissors with the tips in theri hand (even with the dull scissors), it will be good practice for the future.
*Asking the Teacher for Permission*
This may not seem like a huge deal, but as a teacher, you are responsible for each student in your classroom from the start of school until they go home. If a student disappears and later you find out he or she went to the bathroom or they went to get a drink, that does not look good, especially if you are unaware on the child's location. Make sure you push on having the child ask you for permission, and make sure you are always kind about them, or else they might not want to ask again. (Causing them to wet their pants etc etc, which is not a very nice thing)

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It doesn't matter where you are, rules are all around you, for the better.

*Follow the rules, and you'll have a safe classroom*